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Skull EVA

Build by TheTrue_Arbiter    May 09, 2019

Skull EVA
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Skull EVA
Skull EVA
Skull EVA
Skull EVA
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MemeMrMustard Jul 20, 2019

i love this suit. super cool. keep up the good work


Acehalonerd1128 Jul 19, 2019

Emile has come back for revenge lol. But awesome custom dude. Keep up the good work


Chief1130 Jun 15, 2019

Cool eva is stealthy


TheTrue_Arbiter May 12, 2019

@SpartanGregor113 I have been painting for about 4 years. I use The Army Painter acrylic paints for all my customs and I sculpt using Green Stuff epoxy


SpartanGregor113 May 12, 2019

What do you use to paint them? And how long have you been painting? Basically I'm wondering what I would need to be able to make figures with detailing that's even close to as good as this.