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Image of: Acehalonerd1128

Slay the beast

Build by Acehalonerd1128    Jan 11, 2020

Slay the beast

HaloODST56 Jan 12, 2020

Oh ok thanks!


81Ceta_Deta Jan 12, 2020

Great pic!


Acehalonerd1128 Jan 12, 2020

@haloodst56 If u go to stickers look up fire and there should be like a little sticker with the sparks in it. Then when u tap that one just expand it across your image


HaloODST56 Jan 12, 2020

Hey @ SpartanGregor113 do you have picsart gold? If not were is that spark effect?


SpartanGregor113 Jan 12, 2020

Ah, I recognize that spark effect! I used it on my last post. Good ol' picsart.