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Solar Sand Cat (from "Pitch Black")

Build by vsg001    Jun 07, 2016

Solar Sand Cat (from "Pitch Black")
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Solar Sand Cat (from "Pitch Black")
Solar Sand Cat (from "Pitch Black")
Solar Sand Cat (from "Pitch Black")
Solar Sand Cat (from "Pitch Black")
Solar Sand Cat (from "Pitch Black")
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bear101 Jun 09, 2016

awesome build dude!


vsg001 Jun 08, 2016

Pitch black is the first in a series about a guy named Riddick who's played by vin diesel who also starred in fast and furious movies. He alongside a group of a shipwreck survivors find themselves on a planet inhabited by alien type creatures that are photosensitive just at the onset of a double eclipse phenomenon. Just their luck right?...anyways they try to survive the night and make it to an escape skiff on a derelict coring site. The sand cat is what they use for transport carrying fuel cells back and forth from their shipwreck to the skiff. It's probably in about 20% of the movie. But as a bit of a fan tribute, I decided to bring it to life. I think the movie is from 2000 but you could easily watch it today and enjoy it. Typical science fiction but pretty cool story arc 7/10.


zenlieve Jun 08, 2016

I don't know much about Pitch Black. But, you definitely captured this vehicle in block form. Well done man.


thekiller2468 Jun 08, 2016

I'm actually speechless, great work bro!


GreenSpartanH4 Jun 07, 2016

Great build!