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Build by AVGcustoms    Jan 26, 2020

Some news...

TechnoHunter9 Mar 15, 2020

I feel you dude. A lot of my old cats from when I was younger died near where we lived, and two of our family's most recent cats went missing around a few years ago, one of them being the most recent one we'd gotten. I still think the other one went missing because I accidentally sat on him. He was always so aggressive that one.


Survivor11 Feb 11, 2020

Oh no. I'm late to this. I also had a cat hit by a car a few years back, unfortunately mine didn't die immediately, but after several hours of horrible suffering. It really makes me sad when people's pets die. My wishes go out to you and your family, I hope you don't suffer from it too much.


ThunderHero1 Jan 29, 2020

Sorry for your loss


halo-fan1 Jan 28, 2020

sorry for you're loss, hope everything gets better


kingcastlesieger Jan 27, 2020

Man, that's sad, sorry for your loss. Hope that you feel better.