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Something else was here...

Build by XxN0ble6Xeno6xX    Jun 09, 2019

Something else was here...

Simek4 Jun 10, 2019

@XxN0ble6Xeno6xX, that would be cool if he was! Imagine if they brought him and June (because we don't know what happened to June either) back into Halo Infinite or some other one in the future!


Dieselgirl8 Jun 10, 2019

I like it! I think you should show off some of your customs


XxN0ble6Xeno6xX Jun 10, 2019

@simek4 so did I I'm only a kid I still think six is alive


81Ceta_Deta Jun 10, 2019

Thanks @Haloguy082! Flattered. :)


81Ceta_Deta Jun 09, 2019

Thank you, i am flattered. :D