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Sorry for those who live in Aurora Colorado

Build by WhoThCares    Jul 13, 2019

Sorry for those who live in Aurora Colorado

Acehalonerd1128 Jul 24, 2019

Oh ok. My bad.


WhoThCares Jul 24, 2019

@Acehalonerd1128 I did leave some plus the store had some more that were put out sometime later


Acehalonerd1128 Jul 23, 2019

Whothcares ok but i fell like u should have left a little bit left


WhoThCares Jul 23, 2019

@Acehalonerd1128 most of these are used in making customs as seen with recent posts. @the_finder12 the mega websites never usually accurate on if a set is available in a region so I usually go to actual stores as they usually may have things depending on when I go. Websites are usually not updated often and filled with scalpers who ask radical prices as seen with halo heroes series five.


the_finder12 Jul 23, 2019

I looked on the website and it says series 10 is not available in my country, but I live in the us, can anyone tell me what's up with that?