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Sorry greenspartan

Build by Halo_dinosaur117    Apr 08, 2018

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Sorry greenspartan
Sorry greenspartan
Sorry greenspartan
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Boo101 Apr 09, 2018

@Nigelninja11 oh cool! @Survivor11 well you can, like say my sister lived in, umm China, which she doesn't, it would still be possible but not very likely.


nigelninja11 Apr 09, 2018

@Zarry and @Halo_dinosaur117 Ok! @Boo101 Yes @Survivor11 idk where any of y'all live so that's why I asked.


Survivor11 Apr 09, 2018

@nigelninja11lol. I doubt people who live very far away and are drastically different to each other would be related...


Boo101 Apr 08, 2018

@Nigelninja11 that reminds me are you related to @Dieselgirl I don't remember if you said anything? And I ain't related to nobody except for nobody! :-)


Halo_dinosaur117 Apr 08, 2018

@ninelninja11 no i aint related to any one on the site