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Spartan Erica-487

Build by Oscar_MirandaCustoms    Dec 16, 2018

Spartan Erica-487
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Spartan Erica-487
Spartan Erica-487
Spartan Erica-487
Spartan Erica-487
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BorderLandsBuilder Dec 19, 2018

Nice detailing! I love the design! Reminds me very much of Halo Reach!


Arby101 Dec 18, 2018

Nice sculpting


mrjustin412 Dec 18, 2018

Always love a mixture of Reach and Halo Wars/2! All those little details are impressive, and the sculpted on ones are impressive too! Like the use of the female body mold too!


JoeFilms Dec 17, 2018

This is a truely mind-blowing custom. Very, VERY well done!


Chezz Dec 17, 2018

That's fantastic, I like the helmet you made for her