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Image of: Carnivius

"Stop hurting our Turtle cousins!"

Build by Carnivius    Nov 17, 2017

"Stop hurting our Turtle cousins!"

Boo101 Nov 18, 2017

Some sets for me (First set that that happend is CoD lecacy heroes) I got two, the WWII soldger with the dark skin had it in one, the other same thing except on another WWII guy @AiasOileus (This is just to let you know that I had the same problom) what I did is use there bodys as extras, but the head thing was it, the head hole was to small, but was doing the same as you said!


AiasOileus Nov 17, 2017

Love the picture. And although I live in the U.S. I had to wait quite a while before I could get any Donnie and Rock Soldier packs. But whenever you do, be careful attaching the Rock Soldier heads, specifically the 2 that are lighter in color. The heads are very tight on the neck socket. I believe it is actually the head piece that's a bit small, so I suggest sand papering the neck connector a bit. I got 3 sets of them and all the light colored ones were tight, none broke, but show a light stress line at the bottom of the neck. Good luck in you search for more sets.


TheArbiter25 Nov 17, 2017



mrjustin412 Nov 17, 2017

Ha ha ha! Love the pun!


JoeFilms Nov 17, 2017

Woah! They can't hurt Mario like that! He may stomp on them...