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Strike Team

Build by The-stop-sign-13    Feb 11, 2019

Strike Team

THEranger01 Apr 24, 2019

Cool dude it’s awsome


nigelninja11 Feb 12, 2019

@TheMegaContruxtors Any fig? Because I prefer a grunt with red armor, if not that then any grunt. If you aren’t using grunts, then make me whatever you want!


The-stop-sign-13 Feb 12, 2019

@TheMegaConstruxtors I would like to be a spartan if that is ok


81Ceta_Deta Feb 11, 2019

3....2....1... BREACH!


TheMegaContruxtors Feb 11, 2019

Nice effects. Btw you @nigelninja11 and @TacticalSponge are the first three to guess my post correctly. Do you have a preferred fig? All will be subject to availability.