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Image of: TheSSMotionTom

Sword Base

Build by TheSSMotionTom    Aug 23, 2019

Sword Base

TheSSMotionTom Aug 25, 2019

@JoeFilms yep! The team really aced this guy.


JoeFilms Aug 24, 2019

Oh wow, really? He looks fantastic!


TheSSMotionTom Aug 24, 2019

@81Ceta_Deta - glad you picked up on what they were as I played with the Depth of Field to try and make it clear they were ODST, since Six is accompanied by a squad of them in the actual mission. @JoeFilms thanks buddy! No extra detail applied here - this is straight how the Series 10 version of Six comes out the packaging. The team NAILED the detail. @ratss454 kaboom!


81Ceta_Deta Aug 23, 2019

He looks great with ODST!


JoeFilms Aug 23, 2019

Beautiful shot, and I see you've added some extra detail to Noble Six.