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Image of: Armageist

The Created

Build by Armageist    Aug 15, 2019

The Created

Muto112 Aug 16, 2019

Too much..MONITORS XD !! Welcome to the gallery!!


Silenttakedown Aug 16, 2019

i love this rainbow of monitors


JoeFilms Aug 16, 2019

That is so many Guilty Sparks! Welcome to our little community, but please don't destroy us!


CarilletaReach2 Aug 16, 2019



Armageist Aug 16, 2019

Thank you everyone! Okay, so the eyes come from many different sources. Green - Star Trek Klingon Bird of Prey COD Dragonfly Drone Orange - TMNT Classic TurtleWagon Despicable Me Manic Mower Fluorescent Yellow - Halo Sniper Cyclops Not pictured (Yellow) - Dual Mode Warthog - Despicable Me Advent Cal 2018 Dark Blue - Bravo Blind Bag Guilty Spark Light Blue - Series 5 Cortana - Forgehog vs Goliath - Kubros Destiny Clear - Scorpion "Scylla" Tank - CoD ATV Ground Recon - Despicable Me Motor Mischief Purple - Despicable Me Agnes Uni Expedition (You have to clean turquoise spiral Paint off) Possible Better option (No cleaning) American Girl Outdoor Music Festival Alternatively you can take clear ones and use sharpie colored markers to color them, which I did with the Red and Blue Green AI's.