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Image of: Motion_Production

The Horror of World War 2

Build by Motion_Production    Dec 05, 2018

The Horror of World War 2

81Ceta_Deta Dec 06, 2018

What’s up @Rogue-Elite? XD. Went straight to me


Rogue-Elite Dec 06, 2018

Motion_Production Use @ and the user's name to send them a message ( example @81Ceta_Deta )


Motion_Production Dec 06, 2018

This is in fact American Soldiers, but some of the weapons that are showned are used by british forces but these were that only weapons I had available. Thank you all for liking the picture. It means a kot!


81Ceta_Deta Dec 05, 2018

Nice pic, but @Rogue-Elite has a point. The STEN is british , and as I I infer - these are American troops depicting from the colors and M1 Steel Pots. Looks great apart from that!!


Rogue-Elite Dec 05, 2018

@CarilletaReach2 the U.S. army frowned on that and these are clearly American soldiers another thing the sten is a British gun lol