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Image of: halo_bricks

The Lone Wolf!

Build by halo_bricks    Sep 28, 2019

The Lone Wolf!
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The Lone Wolf!
The Lone Wolf!
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Emersonian_06 Oct 01, 2019

Yup! TheMegaConstructors, definitely the same!


TheMegaContruxtors Oct 01, 2019

@Emersonian_06 I think I saw the same vid. Six has no head


WWIIboy Sep 30, 2019

When the helmet comes off all bets are off


XxN0ble6Xeno6xX Sep 29, 2019

I didnt really feel sad about any deaths besides Emile a noble 6s cuz for the others I played the to be continued theme


kingcastlesieger Sep 28, 2019

I don't want to say that i cried, but Kleenex has about 500 dollars from me.