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the new addition to my collection

Build by XCLUSIVEx575x    Jun 02, 2017

the new addition to my collection

XCLUSIVEx575x Jun 03, 2017

I love this set they should bring more main characters like shax and i found this set thanks to jangbricks


charliebucket Jun 02, 2017

Nice find, buddy.


Admiral-Sabree Jun 02, 2017

lol ya love the set haven't gotten mu o=photo of it up yet.


XCLUSIVEx575x Jun 02, 2017

U can get this in Amazon and it's not orange blood it's the exotic sword that's solor new sets have been released I'll up date my collection later with the cobal tank


CarilletaReach2 Jun 02, 2017

Wow that thing on the titan's blades is orange blood?