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Image of: ccbrowning5

The New @NatoGreavesy

Build by ccbrowning5    Feb 07, 2018

The New @NatoGreavesy

mrjustin412 Feb 07, 2018

Cool! I love it!


NatoGreavesy Feb 07, 2018

Very nice. More gun is always good.


Rogue-Elite Feb 07, 2018

Could I be in your comic?


Survivor11 Feb 07, 2018

Easter egg no. 1: That's the ODST that I'm often portrayed as and one of my favourite figures. (yes I know, I had to crash this party but what can I say, it's what I do best! This looks bad as* and therefore I can't wait for the comic!!


Boo101 Feb 07, 2018

Cool, he looks cool! :-)