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Image of: kirrily_agus

The Stomping One

Build by kirrily_agus    Jan 16, 2020

The Stomping One
The Stomping One
The Stomping One
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kirrily_agus Jan 25, 2020

@werthryan28 It wasn't a zealot that killed Kat, it was needle rifle shot that came out of thin air! (Watch General kidd's video).


werthryan28 Jan 25, 2020

Revenge! Or at least I think that was supposed to be the Zealot that killed Kat. R.I.P Noble Team. Remember Reach.


Zarry Jan 17, 2020

@Silenttakedown PTSD of canceling sprint 0.000004 milliseconds before jumping off the cliff because it doesn't register otherwise, and then INSTEAD OF GETTING THE ELITE I GET A GRUNT.


Silenttakedown Jan 16, 2020

PTSD of trying to unlock the “they came to hear me beg” achievement kicking in


kirrily_agus Jan 16, 2020

I stuffed up the Photoshop lol