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Image of: Simek4

There's something else here.....

Build by Simek4    Jul 10, 2019

There's something else here.....

Simek4 Jul 12, 2019

@basicusername, @81Ceta_Deta, thanks! @RedThree, haahaha! Too true!


RedThree Jul 11, 2019

Chief's no fun during Capture the Flag. He just beats both teams and makes his own team, a team that includes one person. Himself! XD


81Ceta_Deta Jul 11, 2019

Awesome setup


basicusername Jul 10, 2019

"I need a (bigger) weapon" I like the posing of all of them in this!


JoeFilms Jul 10, 2019

No. A true Chief never runs.