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Image of: TheSSMotionTom

Thin Blue Line

Build by TheSSMotionTom    Oct 08, 2019

Thin Blue Line

TheSSMotionTom Oct 10, 2019

@HaloODST56 thanks mate! They didn't got this... @ratss454 they tried to hold the line. They really did. @kingcastlesieger thanks mate! A New Dawn blingbag Brutes. @81Ceta_Deta thanks as always my friend!


81Ceta_Deta Oct 08, 2019

Poor officers.. Great focus!


kingcastlesieger Oct 08, 2019

Nice brutes!


ratss454 Oct 08, 2019

Outnumbered and outgunned, it's a miracle that they even lasted as long as they did.


HaloODST56 Oct 08, 2019

u got this troopers! and reall cool pic!