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Through the Ages

Build by TacticalSponge    Aug 23, 2018

Through the Ages

JoeFilms Oct 10, 2018

@UntotenWermahct he wears it in The Package from Halo Legends.


Zarry Sep 30, 2018

Hey! Staff Pick!


UntotenWermahct Sep 25, 2018

where would the master chief in the front fit on the timeline, cause out of halo 1,2,3,4,and 5 he doesnt wear that armor, but Fred 104 wears it in The Package i think, idk, i haven't played EVERY halo and watched EVERY halo film/show


TacticalSponge Aug 24, 2018

@JoeFilms Thanks. @Survivor11 I don't think that's entirely fair. If it weren't for 343 his legend would have ended in 2007. @Dieselgirl8 Yeah, I think it's interesting seeing how his design changed with time. @TheArbiterofblocks That does sound pretty cool. Unfortunately the only arbiter figures I have are the old articulation one that came with the shadow and the HHS5 version. @navie9888ch Thanks I agree, chief is hard to beat. @Cola1 That's a good idea actually. I might post that in the 'ideas and suggestions' thread later if you don't mind. @Kevin_MCX Thanks. I like it too, it's like a family reunion.


Kevin_MCX Aug 24, 2018

Great shot! I love seeing all of Chief's armors lined up like that.