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Image of: Mikelongak47

Throw back Thursday? Holy Paladin

Build by Mikelongak47    Jan 11, 2019

Throw back Thursday? Holy Paladin

Dardo Jan 12, 2019

i love that sword its one of the best pieces of mega


JoeFilms Jan 11, 2019

Yeah, they look pretty cool.


Rogue-Elite Jan 11, 2019

I main paladin this makes me happy also tank ftw


TacticalSponge Jan 11, 2019

I don't think the world of warcraft line was ever sold near me so I've never seen any of the figures in person, but they look pretty cool.


AgentHellion Jan 11, 2019

For what it was WoW line was awesome, I wish the line went for longer. Lucky you got Evil Lyn.