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Image of: Kevin_MCX

Throwback Thursday: 2008 Warthog

Build by Kevin_MCX    Aug 29, 2019

Throwback Thursday: 2008 Warthog

Silenttakedown Sep 03, 2019

Whats up with the spartan? his legs look a bit odd, and he also has a MKVI helmet


Emersonian_06 Aug 31, 2019

Eewsh! The spartan atleast!


Epixr Aug 31, 2019

No way.. I always wanted to see this set. I remember seeing an advertisement for the upcoming Halo Wars line in my Halo Wars guidebook, lol!


vsg001 Aug 29, 2019

I absolutely love these inside looks into the past or prototypes in general. The two black grill vent pieces in the center of the dash look sooo good. Just that detail adds so much more to the model. Thanks for sharing. Very cool!


Kevin_MCX Aug 29, 2019

@VinceHoffman, @ratss454, it is actually. The designer that built it is still with Mega and he regularly blows us away with creative stuff. In this case, he kit-bashed some parts together, but for 2008, this was advanced stuff. @TheMegaConstruxtors, about 18 years. Several members of the team have been here even longer. @TheSSMotionTom, the intent was always to do Halo Wars. However, this prototype was created before any assets from the new game were available, so it used what we could find on the web as reference.