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Throwback Thursday 3

Build by TacticalSponge    Jan 04, 2019

Throwback Thursday 3

jonnyfiyve Jan 24, 2019

Great pic!


GreenSpartan082 Jan 10, 2019

Warzone firefight in a nutshell, the ammout Of people I’ve seen ramming hunters with scout hogs, is astounding.


TacticalSponge Jan 07, 2019

@Rex560 Older sets and figures like Dragons, Pyrates, early Halo etc. My rule of thumb is pre super articulation at the latest, but 'throwback' means something different to every participant. If you want to join in just use your personal judgement, there aren't any hard rules.


Rex560 Jan 06, 2019

Throwback to old posts or sets? Sorry still trying to catch up


TacticalSponge Jan 04, 2019

@Spartanz19 Don't feel bad, I forgot about it this week too. @JoeFilms Better late than never.