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Image of: TacticalSponge

Throwback Thursday 9

Build by TacticalSponge    Mar 17, 2019

Throwback Thursday 9

HALx-10 Mar 31, 2019

man i love vintage mega bloks i bought a red bucket with a whole bunch of blue,green,yellow,black,white and purple from menards sometime in the early 2000's i still have allot of those old bloks thanks for the nostalgia!


Kevin_MCX Mar 19, 2019

Whoa, talk about a blast from the past. These were the figures when I started at the company. Great memories.


81Ceta_Deta Mar 18, 2019

You are a OG


Spartanz19 Mar 17, 2019

“Hey! Watch it!! *muttering* filthy skaters.”


JoeFilms Mar 17, 2019

Haha, I like it!