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Image of: Kevin_MCX

Throwback Thursday: Halo Covenant Seraph Base

Build by Kevin_MCX    Nov 07, 2019

Throwback Thursday: Halo Covenant Seraph Base
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Throwback Thursday: Halo Covenant Seraph Base
Throwback Thursday: Halo Covenant Seraph Base
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HALx-10 Dec 09, 2019

this is still the coolest concept ever!


HALx-10 Nov 11, 2019

@Kevin_MCX we all really like Halo, i play RTS games i'm going to tell you the honest truth i have no interest in borderlands, the last of us,assassins creed,game of thrones,destiny just to name a few, maybe you're demographic has shifted i'm 20, i grew up with dragons(fire and ice so cool), and even your early military figures please cater to the RTS crowd I LOVE THIS CONCEPT


Kevin_MCX Nov 11, 2019

@Enthusiasm, I believe it could sit a couple of figures. @TheSSMotionTom, this was an early prototype that was built when we were figuring out which sets were going to be in the line that year. It morphed into the version of the Seraph that was released. The landing pad was removed to lower the price point since the Rhino and several other large sets were also released at the same time. As for your second question, let me think about it and get back to you. We have already done so much from the Halo universe.


lekgolo Nov 09, 2019

Throwback Thursdays have become the hope forma several of the figs we never gotten. Like the Chieftain forma example


HALx-10 Nov 09, 2019

@Muto117 i want the brute chieftain aswell, think you're right this concept was amazing its sad it got scrapped can't believe it really