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Throwback Thursday: Remember the Halo Firebase?

Build by Kevin_MCX    Jun 27, 2019

Throwback Thursday: Remember the Halo Firebase?

dragon_shadow Jul 11, 2019

was this ever actually released?


DavisGrumble6S112 Jul 04, 2019

This would be an awesome set.


True_Savage Jul 04, 2019

post that scarab prototype we saw during nytf 2014 and compare it to the final one.


Silenttakedown Jul 03, 2019

i always wanted this to come out, unfortunately it was canceled


Kevin_MCX Jul 03, 2019

Glad you like it guys. It would have made fun set I think. That said, most of the pieces are out there now, so it would be buildable if anyone wanted to tackle a large project. @Spartanz19, the prototype no longer exists. We only had this one copy and it was shipped out to shoot ''Attack on Squad 45''. So, in a way, it will always exist :)