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Throwback Thursday: Remember the Halo Firebase?

Build by Kevin_MCX    Jun 27, 2019

Throwback Thursday: Remember the Halo Firebase?

JARAMILLO506 Nov 16, 2019

What a Cool set should put it Into producton...


willshard Nov 04, 2019

Oh damn this thing! I always wanted this; I'm a sucker for the old halo green, and love the Halo CE - Halo 3 models, so this Halo Wars Firebase would have been so cool. As much as I love vehicles, I much prefer bases, walls, turrets etc for base making. I've since tried to make my own firebases and hangers, but they aren't the same. I wish that this could have been released, my dream set.


DESTROYER2222 Nov 01, 2019

Personally, I really like structure based sets and really enjoy them.


BigBoss21 Sep 05, 2019

Don't do that, don't give me hope


Arby101 Aug 22, 2019

I think everyone would have wanted this set. I wonder why it wasn’t released?