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Image of: Gutts

TMNT Classic Party Wagon Build Stopmotion

Build by Gutts    Jul 01, 2018

TMNT Classic Party Wagon Build Stopmotion
TMNT Classic Party Wagon Build Stopmotion
TMNT Classic Party Wagon Build Stopmotion
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Gutts Jul 05, 2018

Haha thank you all, glad you enjoy this. I already plan two more stopmotions, but they will take a long time to make. Here I kept adding more levels of difficulty. At first it is all stationary, just bloks popping up. Then the door close. Then whole vehicle starts to rotate. Then even camera moves. And then Mikey waves. @Dieselgirl8 The first part when its upside down and then when the whole vehicle is rotating it was free. It was way too simple to move something that wasnt supposed to move or to move something that was supposed to move but too much or somehow wrongly. Each step took me like 5 temporary photos when I compared it with previous frame and kept adjusting it and taking more photos until I thought it was ok and could finally move a step forward. It was very tedious. The part when the vehicle is stationary though, I glued it to the surface with a doublesided tape, so it was secured a bit. It still took some reshooting a frame sometimes, but it was much easier.


AiasOileus Jul 02, 2018

The order in which you had to build it, is part of why this was so amazing, thanks for all the added details of what you had to do to execute this project.


Gutts Jul 02, 2018

Another thing that is very challenging, but also a lot of fun is that I couldnt just build it in the order that the manual suggests. A lot of parts is supposed to be made separately and then just added to the model (roof, door,...). But I needed all the parts to grow from the already built portion of the model. Roof had to leap into the air without any support underneath it. The door had to grow from their joint. It was intriguing to figure out how to do that.


Spartanz19 Jul 02, 2018

Well done! This was very smooth. This is one of the few stop motions I like here!


GreenSpartan082 Jul 02, 2018

Welcome to the gallery. Awesome work