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Tmnt Customs

Build by Darealjstylez    May 16, 2018

Tmnt Customs

AiasOileus May 26, 2018

@IamredSpartan1234 yeah, it would have been nice if they, as in mega construx, made more fat or at least chubby torsos. Rocksteady sure could use one. They did it for movie Bebop and Rocksteady.


IamredSpartan1234 May 20, 2018

Look at the guy on the far right he has a fat face and a fit body!


Darealjstylez May 16, 2018

@aiasoileus thnx for the feedback.. and about the wrist bands he was just freshly painted and yea I forgot to put them on...


AiasOileus May 16, 2018

Nice human Bebop, except, you ought put his wristbands back on, and have them painted black. I see what you were going for on the jacket, and it works good enough. The glasses seem too wide, although I'm not sure what you could really do, other than take a guy who already had glasses and paint them purple. That being said, I still love it, but we should have gotten an official one from Mega Construx this last January or February. I've thought about making my own, but wasn't sure what I'd do for the glasses. I see you have improved upon your first Casey Jones custom, it looks very nice, he's ready to take put them lawbreakers now. Overall some very solid customs once again. I've taken a bit of a break from my TMNT customs as of late, to work on my Graboid custom and Tremors character customs (Graboid is done, but I still need to set up a scene for it). Keep up the good work!


CarilletaReach2 May 16, 2018

Gucci gang