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Image of: Snowman33

Trick on my wife

Build by Snowman33    Dec 01, 2019

Trick on my wife
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Trick on my wife
Trick on my wife
Trick on my wife
Trick on my wife
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Snowman33 Dec 07, 2019

Well putting my soldiers in the village has come to an end. One of my kids found the soldiers and showed my wife. :(


almondmaster Dec 02, 2019

ghillie suits save lives


81Ceta_Deta Dec 02, 2019

This sounds like a Jim and Dwight prank.! Good luck!


Murple Dec 02, 2019

So I’m not the only one who spices up Christmas villages!


RedThree Dec 02, 2019

Captain, we've infiltrated the village. Operation Holdout is underway, awaiting reinforcements and your signal.