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Image of: maeggadion

Turtle Rescue Mission

Build by maeggadion    Sep 14, 2019

Turtle Rescue Mission

81Ceta_Deta Oct 06, 2019

You-You use a Iphone 6?? These are professional level photos! Amazing!


Spartanz19 Sep 15, 2019

No kidding? Man, that’s pretty cool that you can get a phone camera to work this well. I mainly struggle with taking pictures of Mega because I still have the base 15-75mm lens, but I should get myself a macro by Christmas. Cheers!


UnfriendlyPorcupine Sep 15, 2019

@maeggadion Kind of wish they would just release them all for the series line or put them all in a nice convenient 5 Figure pack with master splinter. Donnie is the hardest one to get, at least for me. I have like 5 Mikey's.


maeggadion Sep 15, 2019

@danielr77 I do, it’s construx_of_war. Thanks for the kind words!!! @UnfriendlyPorcupine the mission is to rescue Mikey! The truth is I never got him.


danielr77 Sep 15, 2019

How did I miss your pictures? I just discovered them. They are amazing! Do you have an instagram account? I don't want to miss future posts of you. :)