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Image of: Carnivius

Turtle Van minor re-config

Build by Carnivius    Sep 18, 2017

Turtle Van minor re-config
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Turtle Van minor re-config
Turtle Van minor re-config
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DirpyDirt Sep 19, 2017

oo Interesting!! Looks good.


Boo101 Sep 19, 2017

Awesome! now those turtles can help Casey Jones stop Kirk from getting more girles!


Carnivius Sep 19, 2017

@mrjustin412 thanks. :)


mrjustin412 Sep 18, 2017

Nice! It's always neat to see someone find an easy way to make a set look more accurate to the original counterpart and this does not disappoint!


Carnivius Sep 18, 2017

@AiasOileus yeah originally I did want to have it open up like in the intro sequence when they all leap out while April drives but I haven't any green hinges and I thought they might be a bit too noticeable on the sides and decided I could live without that feature for the time being. :) Thanks ccbrowning5 and CarilletaReach2 :)