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UA Campsite

Build by 201st-Legion    Aug 22, 2018

UA Campsite

201st-Legion Aug 23, 2018

@Melkor-the-amazing i used old dryer sheets, they seem to last along time, even in the harshest winds, i only used half a sheet though and it seemed to have survived about 20 minutes or so


Melkor-the-amazing Aug 23, 2018

I tried to do that.... my fire wouldn't stay lit long enough to take a pic :( how did you get it work?


JoeFilms Aug 22, 2018

I love it! I love Fire!


Dieselgirl8 Aug 22, 2018

I like how you used actual fire instead of orange bricks. It works for a one picture thing but not so much for a comic :)


The-stop-sign-13 Aug 22, 2018

That's sick!