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Image of: Brickman117

ULTIMATE Pelican dropship MOC

Build by Brickman117    Oct 05, 2019

ULTIMATE Pelican dropship MOC
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ULTIMATE Pelican dropship MOC
ULTIMATE Pelican dropship MOC
ULTIMATE Pelican dropship MOC
ULTIMATE Pelican dropship MOC
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SonicBoy67 Jan 28, 2020

so is that still the some pelican?!?!?!?!?!


UnggoyZealot Oct 16, 2019

Oh god, I just found your Youtube video on this in my recommended filter! Very good job on it!


TheSSMotionTom Oct 05, 2019

This is looking absolutely gorgeous. Wow. I am breathless. Excited to see this project grow with time mate.


Brickman117 Oct 05, 2019

Thanks guys, I'm glad you like it, this build has chewed up some serious hours and a shed load of parts already. Yes I am the same Brickman117 from YouTube. This new build is an exclusive preview to the forum, the video for this phase goes live tomorrow. I have updated the Assault on high ground MOC too so will have some pictures and new video soon. A few people have asked to see it with figures so I'll see what I can come up with.


TheeSpartan117 Oct 05, 2019

Awesome project! Any updates on the highground ultimate build? Would love to see that with figures too!