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Image of: HALx-10

una nueva mañana

Build by HALx-10    Mar 13, 2019

una nueva mañana

JoeFilms Mar 13, 2019

Another glorious day in the Corps.


HALx-10 Mar 13, 2019

81Ceta_Deta i believe the whole philosophy behind brickbulding/mega is that anything should and can be used together we are not stunnted bly l3gos lack of creation we are free to mix in action figures and other likes besides just plain ol star wars!


81Ceta_Deta Mar 13, 2019

Neat use of different lines


HALx-10 Mar 13, 2019

@AgentHellion ikr!i love apoc themes mega take notes! look at that articulation!


AgentHellion Mar 13, 2019

Acid Rain Figure, Nice.