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UNSC cougar

Build by VicPL    Apr 29, 2020

UNSC cougar
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UNSC cougar
UNSC cougar
UNSC cougar
UNSC cougar
UNSC cougar
UNSC cougar
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FireHunter77 May 14, 2020

really cool


VicPL Apr 30, 2020

Thanks @Cloneoddt56 , @Thelvadamee132 and @TechnoHunter9 ! @ VinceHoffman, yes i Made this years ago, i lost many pieces of the gremlin set (i was i kid then). When i ser Goodwill Gunter Cougar i ser It like a goog chance yo rescue that incompleto gremlin inti something nice. Just add other pieces from many old mega sets.


TechnoHunter9 Apr 30, 2020

Nice vehicle!


Thelvadamee132 Apr 29, 2020

Great custom! I like it!


VinceHoffman Apr 29, 2020

I see you went to school on Goodwill Hunter's midpoint hinged design concept like all the rest of us @VicPL. The rear half in particular looks good. I admire your creativity with the cockpit design. That's a tough one if you don't have a spare Wolverine canopy to use.