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UNSC Firebase

Build by deekstar    Jul 13, 2016

UNSC Firebase
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UNSC Firebase
UNSC Firebase
UNSC Firebase
UNSC Firebase
UNSC Firebase
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MasterChief36 Jun 06, 2019

Love this build. I can't really tell if the vehicles are from sets or not, but either way its an awesome build!


BrokeBox Apr 19, 2019

This is incredible and inspiring...great work!


UntotenWermahct Mar 28, 2019

I love it soooo frickin much!


lawrencepittman357 Feb 23, 2019

Awesome build!!!


Crash984 Nov 19, 2018

Wow, this is an incredible build, great job! I apologize in advance but i'm a noob to this and am wondering if the firebase is a purchased set or one that has been built from scratch with miscellaneous parts? It looks like sets but i never seen them before, i hope you don't mind me asking.