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UNSC Frigate

Build by NeoShadow    Sep 14, 2019

UNSC Frigate
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UNSC Frigate
UNSC Frigate
UNSC Frigate
UNSC Frigate
UNSC Frigate
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NeoShadow Sep 21, 2019

Thank you. I did not really count while I was making it but estimating based on the exposed bricks (knowing that the inner parts were mostly made of 2x4 plates, 1x4 and 2x4 bricks), around 5000 bricks. It did sink 2 mega bloks submarines, 2 aircraft carriers, 1 destroyer and a few sabres (for parts lol).


Kevin_MCX Sep 18, 2019

:O Fantastic work! The UNSC Frigate is my favorite type of Halo capital ship and your build certainly does it justice! How many pieces did you use do you think?


JoeFilms Sep 15, 2019

Dang, man! Amazing! This needs a staff pick for sure!


Admiral-Sabree Sep 14, 2019

Great nice


Emersonian_06 Sep 14, 2019

Well now I'm just jealous!