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Image of: Alphawolf117112

UNSC Vs. Covenant

Build by Alphawolf117112    Feb 20, 2020

UNSC Vs. Covenant
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UNSC Vs. Covenant
UNSC Vs. Covenant
UNSC Vs. Covenant
UNSC Vs. Covenant
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Silenttakedown Feb 21, 2020

Wow that’s amazing


Alphawolf117112 Feb 20, 2020

I found a bunch at my HEB and they where like $10 at the beginning so I got 22 of them and even more drones but the drones are for a new Vehicle im working on so we shall see


Rogue-Elite Feb 20, 2020

All ya need now is some hornets, phantoms and banshees


HaloODST56 Feb 20, 2020

I really like it!


81Ceta_Deta Feb 20, 2020

Great MOC! How many marines do you have xD?