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Image of: ODST_lover

Urban soilder

Build by ODST_lover    Jul 08, 2019

Urban soilder

nigelninja11 Jul 08, 2019

No problem. Make what you will!


ODST_lover Jul 08, 2019

@nigelninja11 i have no desire to take credit for something of yours and i just like making figures like this i worded it wrong in the description


nigelninja11 Jul 08, 2019

@SpartanGregor113 Woah it glitches and said it was you, it even had the same picture. Are you and Ceta the same person?!


SpartanGregor113 Jul 08, 2019

@nigelninja11 Unless Ceta's actual name is Greg, that wasn't me. xD


JoeFilms Jul 08, 2019

He looks coolio.