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Image of: Zarry

Walk Test

Build by Zarry    Jan 06, 2018

Walk Test
Walk Test
Walk Test
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Zarry Jan 08, 2018

@SpartanGregor113 I use 22 FPS because i try to make movements extremely smooth, so when i move the arm, i Barely move it at all. I try to make it perfect, Don't rush stop-motions, take your time, and don't give up.


mrjustin412 Jan 06, 2018

Great walk cycle! Impressive that it's at 22 FPS!


SpartanGregor113 Jan 06, 2018

Wow. 22? I usually use 15. 22 is too fast for me. xD But you used it well here. It's smooth, and quite good! It's a bit fast, but that's fine.


GreenSpartan082 Jan 06, 2018

Very smooth


charliebucket Jan 06, 2018

Excellent work, Zarry. Your stop-motions are getting really good.