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Walmart mini haul

Build by Marine_1    May 23, 2020

Walmart mini haul

SpecOpsODST7877 May 25, 2020

I can't find the clash on the ring blind bags anywhere!! *frustration intensifies


OrangeTheGreat May 24, 2020

I personally love the Maverick series. Nice haul! *aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah*


Akro01 May 23, 2020

Nice haul! I went yesterday and got a marine two elites and a cruiser, my marine cane with a deformed hand tho so it sort of sucks, I couldn’t find another one


81Ceta_Deta May 23, 2020

definitely not jealous...


ShadoWarden23 May 23, 2020

Why do people find these at WalMart!? They don't even carry MCX in my area.