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Image of: TacticalSponge

Warthog POV

Build by TacticalSponge    Jan 04, 2019

Warthog POV

TacticalSponge Jan 10, 2019

@MCX_Team Thanks, it was pretty fun to do.


MCX_Team Jan 07, 2019

Looks great! Love the POV.


Rex560 Jan 06, 2019

Hmm, scratch that off the bucket list. Jk. Great pic


TacticalSponge Jan 05, 2019

@mrjustin412 @JoeFilms @nigelninja11 @Spartanz19 Thanks, glad you guys like it. @81Ceta_Deta If you have something like photoshop it'll be a lot easier. @Murple I didn't. The camera was actually behind the warthog, just zoomed in on the steering wheel while the seat and turret were taken off so they weren't in the way.


Murple Jan 04, 2019

How did you get your camera in there?