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Wasteland: Contest!

Build by nigelninja11    Jan 30, 2020

Wasteland: Contest!
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Wasteland: Contest!
Wasteland: Contest!
Wasteland: Contest!
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SpartanGregor113 Feb 03, 2020

Hm... this might be a great way to exercise my scrapper custom I am currently working on...


SrgtGreen Jan 30, 2020

Well my character has been kinda cryptic. Not mentioned much. In fact, the CDT might not even know where he’s been for a while... This gives me an idea...


HaloODST56 Jan 30, 2020

I'm SO IN!!


Spartanz19 Jan 30, 2020

Haha, I'm ready for this!


TheMegaContruxtors Jan 30, 2020

@ratss454 Probably