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Wasteland - PHU Rally

Build by NatoGreavesy    Oct 29, 2019

Wasteland - PHU Rally
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Wasteland - PHU Rally
Wasteland - PHU Rally
Wasteland - PHU Rally
Wasteland - PHU Rally
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almondmaster Nov 03, 2019

yikes! not sure who to root for.


HaloODST56 Oct 30, 2019

Im loving this!


SrgtGreen Oct 29, 2019

I might get back into the wasteland thing. Might. Probably. I don’t know.


NatoGreavesy Oct 29, 2019

@LishaThorne - I make time. I leave a lot of my setups and backdrops out in the open so I can quickly throw a scene together when I'm feeling inspired. All it takes is setting aside a few minutes to take some photos, and a few minutes later on to edit them.


81Ceta_Deta Oct 29, 2019

That last line about future generations is kinda sad. This reminds me a but of my hero academia.