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Well, here go traditions.

Build by Survivor11    Dec 05, 2018

Well, here go traditions.

Survivor11 Dec 06, 2018

@JoeFilms there's German chocolate??


JoeFilms Dec 06, 2018

Ritter Sport is German chocolate. And yes, I knew, that's why I was asking.


Survivor11 Dec 06, 2018

@JoeFilms Must I remind you that I live in the area that this literally originated in?? I have no idea what Ritter Sport is, but we traditionally eat gingerbread and chocolate. And I mean real gingerbread, not that hard English stuff.


81Ceta_Deta Dec 05, 2018

Cool.! I don’t celebrate this, but sounds fun! Enjoy the time Survivor!


Dieselgirl8 Dec 05, 2018

I haven’t gotten stuff on st nick day in forever