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Well Thats That I guess...

Build by AVGcustoms    Dec 06, 2019

Well Thats That I guess...

Joshy117 Dec 07, 2019

super sad to hear


THEranger01 Dec 07, 2019

Call of duty got its own website, and they are still releasing COD sets hopefully its the same story with destiny


Muto112 Dec 06, 2019

When i saw then Destiny line was out of the MCX page the first thing i thinked it was: AVGcustoms will not be happy to see this...Yeah this news are heartbreaking..same for Call of duty line then it also was deleted from the page.


81Ceta_Deta Dec 06, 2019

I was never a Destiny fam, but this is still sad.


nigelninja11 Dec 06, 2019

“The Traveler has a plan.” -Unknown Scholar