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Image of: THEranger01

What Do You Want To See?

Build by THEranger01    Aug 10, 2019

What Do You Want To See?

SrgtGreen Aug 12, 2019

A homeland invasion comic, near future. I really don't have any great ideas.


THEranger01 Aug 11, 2019

To joefilms,81Ceta_Deta: I can do both those ideas i love them!!!


81Ceta_Deta Aug 11, 2019

Very neat. How about a full Black Ops soldier?


JoeFilms Aug 11, 2019

I want to see a doggo. I shall go pet my doggo now.


Simek4 Aug 10, 2019

Cool! I'm stumped as for ideas of what you want me to do, though.