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Image of: RedThree

When Warthogs Fly

Build by RedThree    Feb 14, 2020

When Warthogs Fly

TechnoHunter9 Mar 15, 2020

One of the projects that I tried to post first was on a scrap based vehicle that had a similar concept, except that it only had one pilot and could transform into a quad-legged tank. It was owned by Spartan bounty hunters hired by the covenant. Overall, good job! I could see this being added in Halo Infinite!


THEranger01 Feb 15, 2020

ill be darned


Bmatt123 Feb 15, 2020

Seems like my moc. the description is kinda what i put. hmmm...


Acehalonerd1128 Feb 15, 2020

This is an amazing upgrade


81Ceta_Deta Feb 15, 2020

Am I the only who sees the Stark car from Captain America 1? Great custom, Red!