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Who Am I?

Build by NatoGreavesy    Jun 19, 2019

Who Am I?

kauzm Jul 15, 2019

Atriox Thel 'Vadam sent on suicide missions | sent on suicide missions executioner sent to kill him | Tartarus sent to execute him he starts banished | starts the Swords of Sangheilios allies with the elites | allies with the humans creates Chain Breaker from gravity hammer | uses the Prophets Bane (custom blade)


the_finder12 Jul 12, 2019

I cant remember the name of his mace but I do know it was made from a gravity hammer


kauzm Jun 20, 2019

its gotta be both


TheMegaContruxtors Jun 19, 2019

Arbiter and Atriox.


CMDR_Vigil Jun 19, 2019

Atriox He’s a brute warlord that formerly served the Covenant loyally until they tried to execute him. He formed his own covenant cell and allied with Elites, a deal Arbiter would never consider Did no one read the official comics?