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Image of: Kevin_MCX

Who Is Hyped For Power-Con?

Build by Kevin_MCX    Aug 16, 2019

Who Is Hyped For Power-Con?
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Who Is Hyped For Power-Con?
Who Is Hyped For Power-Con?
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Kevin_MCX Sep 25, 2019

@Legendary_Toys, I can't talk about future plans too much, but let's just say 2021 is shaping up to be a good time to be a MOTU toy fan.


Legendary_Toys Sep 25, 2019

@kevin_mcx will you guys also have the rights to do figures base on the netflix show n the movie coming out ? And also hot the battle bone awesome good on it !


Schildpad Aug 28, 2019

Yes! More Mega Construx MOTU!!!!


aca1raven2002 Aug 25, 2019

This is really cool, very throwback to the original figure. I just hope the distribution issue gets worked out with walmart


Kevin_MCX Aug 18, 2019

@AgentHellion, I hope you had fun! @81Ceta_Deta @Admiral-Sabree, I am not attending this year, I am living vicariously through what other people are posting online. @Acehalonerd, do you mean the printed Man-at-Arms psted earlier? If so, stay tuned later this week, I'll have more info about that.